Retail Services

We have tailored our Money Transfer and Currency Exchange services to suit the needs of an international customer base and have built a network of over 140 strategically located branches across Bahrain, Kuwait and India with the objective of consistently delivering the highest level of service and customer care.
The start of 2016 saw the launch of our brand mascot – Bob the ‘BFC Buddy’. This instantly recognisable character reflects our core values of Care, Trust and Efficiency and offers his guarantee of great rates and superb service with every transaction.

Money Transfer

When sending money through one of BFC Group’s established entities, customers can choose from direct bank transfers or instant cash pick-up services ensuring that every customer has the facility to get their money where it needs to be, at competitive fees and great exchange rates. Our instant cash pick up services allow money to be sent and received within minutes across the globe and with the use of SWIFT and Telegraphic transactions, our direct bank transfers are delivered within 48 hours or less.

In 2003 we launched our very own money transfer product – EzRemit. BFC Group has many direct and partnership arrangements enabling our customers to send money internationally to over 400,000 agent locations through EzRemit, MoneyGram, Transfast, Xpress Money in 200 countries and territories. To supplement this reach we partnered with MoneyGram International Inc., a leading international remittance company, and in doing so increased our network of pay-out locations to over 330,000 in 200 countries and territories.

Our online money transfer service – BFC Pay in Bahrain and BEC Online in Kuwait enables users to send money from the comfort of their own home or office. They have quickly become two of our most frequently utilized products and allow us stay dynamic within a competitive marketplace.

Currency Exchange

Within our retail division we offer over 40 global currencies at market leading rates. We like to ensure our customers never miss a great rate for their respective currency so they are always available on our website and updated every 30 minutes. In addition to this, we have developed country specific currency converter apps that our customers can download onto their smartphone or tablet devices.

Corporate Services

We understand the daily challenges organisations face and that every business needs are unique. That’s why we have developed a suite of business-friendly products for our corporate business customers to help make their lives easier. We provide thousands of organisations around the globe access to fast and reliable services and have built our success on a strong foundation of care, trust and efficiency – always seeking to build enduring relationships.

International Payments

Whether our customers are looking to pay for goods overseas or to make an international payment to a contractor, we offer secure and convenient payment services for every corporate requirement. Our flexibility provides peace of mind to customers and ensures that we consistently deliver a hassle-free service to businesses of all sizes at competitive rates.

Currency Exchange

BFC Corporate customers can expect market-leading exchange rates when buying and selling foreign currencies. We extend our services to everyone from large corporations to family owned enterprises, using our wealth of experience to pass on a cost-effective service that is convenient and reliable for all businesses.

We offer the availability and access to over 40 foreign currencies at market-leading rates and ensure we deliver the best possible value for every business. To make life even easier for our Corporate Business customers, they can fill out a BFC Online Forex Order Form and email their requests to buy or sell foreign currencies for delivery the very same day when the order is made before 11am.

Rent Collection

BFC Corporate makes the process of rent collection easy for landlords and agents (property management companies) by providing tenants the facility to pay their monthly rent at any of BFC’s branches or through online transfer via Smart Money. The funds would be transferred to the landlord or agent’s account the following day.

Fee Collection

BFC Corporate saves you valuable time and resources by simplifying the fee collection processes for schools, universities and other institutes. With the growing demand for quick payment services, BFC Corporate offers a convenient solution by providing students and parents the facility of paying their fees securely and on time through any of BFC’s branches across Bahrain or online via Smart Money.


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