Anti-Money Laundering & Combating the Financing of Terrorism Policy

Money Laundering Overview

Money laundering is the process by which criminals attempt to conceal the true origin and ownership of the proceeds of their criminal activities. If undertaken successfully, it also allows the perpetrator(s) to maintain control of those proceeds and ultimately, provides a legitimate cover for their source of income.

Policy Statement

BFC Forex & Financial Services Pvt Ltd (BFC Forex) is committed to preventing money laundering and terrorist financing. Our procedures comply with the PML ACT 2002 and AML Guidelines issued by the Reserve Bank of India. We also monitor and adhere to other major international anti-money laundering recommendations and programs such as the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) and European Union sanctions and the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC).

We aim to maintain the highest operating standards at all times by undertaking regular reviews of our procedures and controls to ensure we are compliant with the relevant laws, regulations and standards of good practice. In order to achieve full compliance with the Regulation the company has in place the following:

  • An appointed Principal Officer & Designated Director
  • Anti-money laundering policies and procedures
  • Staff training program on money laundering awareness and their criminal liabilities
  • Know Your Customer (KYC)
  • Clear reporting lines for suspected money laundering
  • Suspicious activity reporting to the authorities
  • Record keeping for five years after business is concluded

Customer Complaints Policy


BFC Forex & Financial Services Pvt Ltd (BFC Forex) prides itself on excellent customer service and is committed to handling complaints speedily, efficiently, fairly and confidentially. We believe that all customer feedback, both positive and negative, presents an opportunity for improving our standards. A customer complaint can be defined as any expression of dissatisfaction, made by a BFC Forex customer, regarding any products or services provided by BFC Forex. This policy covers all written complaints, serious or unresolved telephone complaints, complaints raised in a face to face meeting or by a third party acting for that customer such as an intermediary, legal representative or regulatory body. All such customer complaints should be kept on record and managed in accordance with the Customer Complaints procedures. Non serious verbal complaints should be resolved at the frontline in accordance with the principles of this policy and should not be postponed and kept on record for future action.

Making a Complaint

Below are the contact details to make a complaint to BFC Forex:

Head of Operation
Shop No.1& 2, Ground floor,
Rathore House,
Opposite Apple Heritage,
Andheri-Kurla Road,
Andheri East,
Mumbai 400093,

Telephone: 18001033006


Any complaint received is directed to the Head of Operations for further enquiry. Complaints are usually acknowledged within 24 hours, or in any event within 5 business days. The customer is provided with an explanation about how the complaint will be handled, who is the person appointed to investigating the complaint and any actions required of the customer. The Head of Operations is the appointed Complaint Resolution Officer (CRO) at BFC Forex. All complaints are passed to the relevant Manager/Regional Manager with a copy to Senior Management for investigation and they are responsible for drafting responses to customers and/or regulators and copying in the CRO. Senior management will determine if certain complaints must be brought to the attention of the Board or if the response to the customer and/or regulator should come from the Board. The CRO is responsible for keeping a central file of all complaints correspondence and updating the file as and when required. Complaints must be handled fairly and promptly keeping the customer informed of any progress. Once the complaint has been actively investigated a final comprehensive response will be provided to the customer either verbally or in writing (if applicable) within 20 business days. The final response must: a) accept (or partially accept) the complaint and where appropriate offer compensation or other forms of redress; or b) reject (or partially reject) the complaint, informing the customer with a full explanation of the company’s position.


When a complaint is justified, the company will take appropriate remedies that are fair to both the complainant and BFC Forex. This policy only covers compensation for financial losses in real terms for the principle amount of the transaction, the commission amount and any foreign currency exchange rate benefit. This policy does not cover and is not applicable in respect of claims made by customers on account of opportunity losses or damages or claims pertaining to reputation loss.